Victoria Secret Velvet Petals Shimmer Body Mist


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Victoria Secret Velvet Petals Shimmer Body Mist  a seductively warm blend of sweet almond glaze and creamy sandalwood. A gentle floral scent with a hint of cozy gourmand undertones. Gives you a radiant glow from head to toe. Spray on for lasting scent and glimmer.


  • Spray on bareskin for long lasting effect.


Victoria's Secret

With Victoria's Secret bold, glamorous, and intimate looks, you can embrace everything that makes you unique. Care for your body. Fragrance. Gloss and lip color. Mists. Now available at Luvia Beauty are all your favorite scents from Victoria's Secret. Visit the top beauty store in Kenya to sample the brand's characteristic fine scents in Eau de Parfum, rollerballs, mists, and lotions.


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