Forscar Scar UV SPF30 Recovery Gel


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Forscar Scar UV SPF30 Recovery Gel

Why use Forscar Scar Recovery Gel  UV SPF 30

FORSCAR New Scar Technology is made with medical-grade patented silicone technology and 5% antioxidant Olive Oil Squalane. Its patented silicone technology flattens, softens, and smooths scars by increasing hydration and temperature of the stratum corneum. FORSCAR relieves the itching and discomfort of scars as well as reduces discolorations associated with scars.

5% antioxidant Olive Oil Squalane contributes to the process of scar healing. It hydrates scars by helping prevent trans-epidermal water loss of the skin. Through the promotion of an ideal environment throughout the scar healing process, it helps improve the appearance of the scar.

FORSCAR forms a non-tacky, substantive, semi-occlusive, flexible, vapor permeable, and water-resistant barrier with the epidermis, which protects the scar from bacterial, chemical and physical invasion.

Its flexible film-forming technology is effective on scars even on irregular areas such as the hands, elbows, or hairy areas, which are normally difficult to cover.


Benefits of using Forscar Scar Recovery Gel  UV SPF 30

  1. Helps soften, flatten and fade old and new scars. • Helps prevent the formation of abnormal scars.
  2. Helps reduce the redness of scars.
  3. Relives itching and discomfort.
  4. Improves texture & overall appearance of scars.
  5. 30 SPF protects scars from sun damage and discolorations.




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