First Aid Beauty

You can now get First Aid Beauty from the dealers in Nairobi, Kenya.

FAB is a brand on a mission to rescue damaged skin and offer solutions for different skin challenges. This brand provides you with everyday solutions that help your skin reach its full potential.

Their products now available in Luvia are cruel free, good for sensitive skin, and fragrance-free.

First Aid Beauty(FAB) has a wide range of products in different categories.These categories include:

Ultra Repair, FAB Lab, FAB Pharm, ETC.

Some of the products stocked in Luvia are FAB Ultra Repair Cream, FAB KP Bumb Eraser,etc.

If you have concerns such as Eczema, Keratosis Pilaris, acne, anti-aging and ingrown hair this is your brand.

Luvia Beauty Kenya is the Authorized first Aid Beauty Dealer in Kenya. Visit our shop for amazing offers and have your package delivered coutrywide.

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