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Davidoff Champion EDT 90ml Men Perfume
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Davidoff Champion EDT 90ml Men Perfume



Davidoff Champion EDT 90ml Men Perfume Sage and galbanum give a herbal and flowery touch to the fragrance’s core. The scent finishes woodsy and manly with base notes of oakmoss and cedar. All things considered, Davidoff Champion Eau de Toilette is an assertive and energizing scent ideal for the contemporary, energetic guy.



Zino Davidoff Group is a Swiss-based family business and has grown organically over the years from our home in Switzerland. our collection of products reflects natural elegance and appreciation of fine quality, style, authenticity, and good living. We invite you to savor the elegant and modern products of today. They represent a unique mix of exquisite craftsmanship, passionate dedication, and refinement. This is because pure elegance is indeed timeless. Wondering which Davidoff designer perfume to buy? Talk to our specialist today and get to learn more about our perfumes. Or Visit our Davidoff shop at Luvia Beauty. Some of the products include: hot water, cool water, Leather blend, Amber Blend and many more.


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