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It is an American brand mainly known as the experts in SPF. Supergoop has a wide range of sunscreens both mineral and chemical. Unseen is the invisible chemical sunscreen while the sheer screen is 100% mineral, both leaving a completely natural and weightless finish.

Sunscreens Available

Supergoop sunscreen available at Luvia Beauty in Nairobi Kenya includes;

Unseen sunscreen SPF 40, Play everyday lotion SPF 50 and SPF 30, Glow sunscreen, Mineral matte screen, glow stick, glow oil, etc.

Where to buy supergoop in Kenya?

The good news is you can now shop all these products from the comfort of your home from the leading sunscreen shop in Nairobi, Kenya, Luvia Beauty. Shop all these products and have them delivered within 24hrs. We work with authorized distributors to ensure we deliver genuine products at affordable prices.

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